iPad Minis for 11th through 12th Graders  
At the start of the 2015-16 school year, the Class of 2019 began the 1 to 1 Learning Format by using iPad minis in the classroom.  We are excited to offer the rent-to-own iPad minis to juniors through seniors as a supplement to their classroom materials.  This is completely optional for 11th-12th grade students.
There are two things that must be done to purchase your iPad mini.  First, a rental agreement must be reviewed, printed and signed by the student and a parent.  The agreement can be turned into the the IMC at the student's home school.  Second, the iPad order must be placed.  The total cost of the iPad minis is $300, and they are pro-rated by class as follows:
Juniors - $225 in 2016-17, $75 in 2017-18
Seniors - $300 in 2016-17 
Upon graduation, the student then owns his or her iPad mini.
The deadline for this opportunity is October 31, however, if you wish to be part of the first shipment, your iPad mini must be ordered by Wednesday, September 23.