Social Studies Department

Department Meeting                       Date: Nov. 9, 2016 

Location:  TP IMC Computer Lab   
Time:  7:00 am, 2:25 pm, 3:25 pm
Supervisor: Colin Milton
Colin Milton  
Secretary: Karyn Prim

Meetings:  2016-17

Psych/Soc Curriculum Revision Meetings

2017 AP Testing Dates

May 1, Noon:  AP Psychology

May 4, 8 AM:  Government

May 5, 8 AM:  U.S. Government

May 12, 8 AM:  Human Geography,

Microeconomics, European History 


Social Studies Mission Statement:

Social Studies is the integrated study of the Social Sciences and Humanities to promote civic competence.  The primary purpose of Social Studies is to help young people make informed and reasoned decisions in their personal lives and for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world. 
Social Studies Overarching Understandings:
1.  The student will understand that the U.S. governmental systems are comparable to other governmental systems throughout the world.
2.  The student will understand that civic competency influences a democratic society.
3.  The student will understand that the United States free-market system is comparable to other economic systems and applicable to consumer skills in the selection of products and/or services.
4.  The student will understand that the United States and Illinois have influenced the history of the world.
5.  The student will understand that geography influenced global and American society. 
6.  The student will understand that human behavior is impacted by individual and group behavior.
BHS WWII Re-enactment

Bremen D228 Social Studies Department