Physical Education provides an opportunity for each student to develop as a total person.  The uniqueness of Physical Education, as an active learning laboratory, provides an opportunity to develop desirable character and social traits as well as define responsibilities toward growth and maintenance of fitness throughout life.

The Physical Education Department had designed its curriculum so each student can develop a sound foundation of skill and understanding of a variety of sport activities.  It also intends to contribute to the development of social interation and tolerance skills, a lifelong fitness attitude, and positive outlet for physical and psychological tension.  The sequence of courses will allow each individual to expand upon their foundation and seek recreational activities that will meet their individual needs of fitness, social, or interest in future life.

Course Offerings                                                                                                             

Freshman PE

Sophomore PE  

Sophomore Conditioning 

 Junior/Senior PE 

Junior Leadership 

Conditioning & Weight Training 

Strength & Conditioning 


Senior Leadership 

Adaptive Physical Education