District 228's Advanced Placement Philosophy
The Advanced Placement (AP) Program helps motivate and prepare students for college by providing courses that mirror introductory college level courses at the high school level.  These courses help to foster critical thinking and study skills, and they increase students' persistence and success in college.  Students, who have completed an AP course and exam, tend to have higher acceptance rates into higher education, have higher retention rates once in college, and have higher grade-point-averages in college compared to those students who did not take an AP course or exam.
It is District 228's philosophy to provide as many AP opportunities as we can for our students.  To do this, we are expanding the supports for students and staff through resources, interventions and professional development.  We have made it our goal to increase participation in AP courses and to increase the number of tests taken by our students.  Below you will see our AP success rates for the last five years:
District Data200820092010201120122013 2014 2015 2016
Total Exams445395520607832 1286 1417 1808 1751
Total Testers292258347385559 781 914 986 988
Passing Exams199187252341487 664 650 761 720
Passing Rate45%47%48%56%59% 54% 46% 42% 40%
One of the interventions we are providing this summer is an AP/pre-AP Camp for our honors and AP students.  It is a four-day camp running in early June at each of the high schools.  This program is targeting students currently enrolled in Studies of English and AP Geography.  The goals of the camp are as follows:
  • To develop support groups within in the student body - teaching students how to study in groups
  • To have students understand the expectations of being an Honors/AP student
  • To address areas of concern prior to beginning courses this fall
  • To experience an AP topic of student - this summer the theme is "Chicago History"

A District 228 parent meeting was held in May to help incoming parents and students understand the importance and value of advanced placement courses.  It was also an opportunity to learn more about the camp and register, if interested.  The presentations made to the families can be found below.

If you would like to learn more about our AP/pre-AP Camp or to register your incoming student, please contact the following Assistant Principal for Teaching & Learning:

  • Bremen HS: Dr. David Kibelkis at 371-3600 ext. 8100
  • Tinley Park HS: Mrs. Wendy Bumphis at 532-1900 ext. 8204
  • Hillcrest HS: Dr. Maurice Young at 799-7000 ext. 4804
  • Oak Forest HS: Dr. Savka Mladenovich at 687-0500 ext. 8304