Q. When will incoming freshmen receive their iPad minis?

A. They will receive them during the first two weeks of the school year.

Q. Will students receive digital citizenship training?

A. Digital citizenship will be introduced on Freshman only day and enhanced in the digital literacy class.

Q. How will students receive training on apps?

A. During freshman orientation, a segment will be provided that will allow students to become familiar with the functions of the iPad mini. 

Q. Will freshmen receive hard copy textbooks?

A. As the first generation to use iPad minis, there will be a learning curve for both teachers and students.  We expect the transition will take some time. Therefore, teachers will use a combination of textbooks and iPad minis together this school year. 

Q. What about families that do not have internet access at home?

A. There are some new vendors, such as Comcast, offering prices as low as $9.95 per month for 10 Mbps download speeds.

Q. What if a device is lost or stolen?

A. Part of the rental fee for the device includes insurance coverage.  There will be a deductible for each incident.  If an iPad mini is stolen, the family will also need to file a police report.
Q.  Will loaners be provided?
A.  Temporary loaners will be available, however, they will not include access to all of the saved information on the original iPad mini. 

Q. Will cases be provided for the iPad mini?

A. Yes, that is part of the technology fee.

Q. Can juniors and seniors participate in the iPad mini rental program?

A. Yes.  The technology fee will be prorated based on the year of the student so the student can own the device upon graduation.