• How to Enable iPad Restrictions (Parental Controls)

    If you are concerned about the content your student can access using their mini iPad, you may be considering enabling restrictions on the device. The link below will bring you to Apple's page regarding restrictions.

    If there are specific apps your student has already downloaded onto their iPad that you would like to restrict, you will need to first delete the app from his/her device. This is completed by holding your finger on the app until it wiggles and pressing the x that appears. Next, follow the instructions linked below to set restrictions so that your student is not allowed to "install apps" or else he/she will be able to put them right back onto the device.

    Occasionally, teachers will ask students to put specific apps onto their devices for classwork. For this reason only, we ask that you please share the restrictions passcode you put on the device with your school’s Media Specialists. They are:

    Bremen High School, Ms. Bernas at mbernas@bhsd228.com
    Tinley Park High School, Mrs. Udstuen at kudstuen@bhsd228.com 
    Hillcrest High School, Mrs. Walsh at lwalsh@bhsd228.com 
    Oak Forest High School, Ms. Harris at charris@bhsd228.com 
    If there are apps that need to be installed for school, they will ask your student’s teachers to send him/her to the IMC where a Media Specialist will personally install them and then reinstate your restrictions.

    iPad Parental Controls