• "Many Pieces…One Vision"

    Fall Institute - October 9, 2015

    The Staff Development Committee is proud to present its fifth Institute for Best Practices to the entire District 228 Staff.  Applications for workshop sessions from staff members were submitted in early spring and reflect many aspects of Teaching & Learning and Student Services.  The Institute sessions are aligned to the D228 Learning Principles and Teaching Practices of our District Improvement Plan.

    In addition to our keynote speakers, teachers, members of the student services department, and administrators, presented workshops on a wide variety of initiatives.  Handouts from various workshops can be found by scrolling down this page.

     I'd like to extend a special "thank you" to all presenters and staff development committee members for helping to organizing this event. 

    Catalog of Workshops 

    These are the learning principles and teaching practices created and adopted by District 228 students and staff:

    Learning Principles:

    Teaching Practices:

    Students need learning experiences that:

    • are framed with consistent, clear expectations and objectives (1c).
    • connect classroom content with the real world (3a).
    • engage and increase motivation (3c).
    • are differentiated (1b; 3c).
    • tap into their interests and curiosity (3c).


    Effective teachers enhance learning by:

    • connecting with the students and building respectful relationships (2a).
    • creating a safe, controlled, positive environment in both the classroom and building (2a).
    • varying instructional techniques (1e; 3c).
    • providing organized, structured, and sequenced experiences (1e; 3c).
    • building upon their content knowledge and transferring knowledge to students through expert instruction (1a).

    Presenter Handouts  

    Keynote Address:
    "Create Learning Experiences that Stick: Amplify Your Teaching Using #edtech Tools" - Janet Kane and Ryan Blackwell
    "All You Need to Know and More About Type 1 Diabetes" - Brad Walsh
    "Collaborative Data Collection, Quantitative Analysis, and Result Calculation Using Google Sheets" - Matthew and Julia Spreadbury
    "Creating Type III Assessments" - Mike Mecozzi and Corinne Williams
    "Debate and Drama in the Classroom" - Kathleen O'Connor, Jeanne Uniek and Brandy Winstead
    "iPad Basics" - Cheryl Harris, Lisa Walsh, Kara Williams, Mary Gabel, Katie Udestuen
    "iPad, Reflector and Technology...OH MY!" - Kristen Kaczmarek and Mayra Ortega
    "SAMR: Focus on 'S' and 'A'" - Mary Rose Bernas and Kelly Sala
     "SAMR for Advanced iPad Users" - Scott Meech, K-12 Development Executive, Apple Education
    "Share My Lesson - A Must Join Professional Community" - AJ Chelepis
    "Sugar: What It's Doing to Our Students" - Heather Manzke and Stacy Faulkner
    Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4
    "Tips to Help Teachers Keep Kids with Diabetes Safe at School" - Madonna Pufunt
    "Transferring Abstract Concepts Into Real World Application" - Ed Lipowski
    "Utilizing Classcraft with Students" - Mike Brown