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    Dear Parents and Incoming 8th Grade Students,
    The information contained on this page is designed to assist you in making a decision as to whether you will want to take the Bremen HS District 228 Digital Literacy Proficiency Test. Please read the bullet points carefully as they give a complete picture of what the proficiency test allows for and what may be missed by exempting out of the Digital Literacy class.
    1. The Digital Literacy test is optional, and there is no cost to take it.
    2. The test is a proficiency test. In that, it is not seeking to place a student at a certain level, it is seeking to see if a student has learned the amount of content that would be covered in a semester's worth of learning. It is similar to a final exam.
    3. The test contains four parts. The four parts are: A 40 question objective test that covers learning styles, spreadsheets, word processing, Internet Safety, and Internet Research. The remaining three parts cover a performance task involving spreadsheets, a second performance task that covers MLA formatting and Word Processing, and a third performance task that covers word processing and formal correspondence.
    4. The test is two hours long and is performed on a desktop computer. Knowledge of Office packages such as MS Office, Google, Apple, etc is highly recommended.
    5. A student who passes the exam is eligible to exempt out of the Digital Literacy class. If that is the choice, he/she will be required to replace the class with another elective of their choosing. 
    6. Passing the test does not award the student any credit towards graduation. Credit must be earned in the elective class that is substituted for Digital Literacy.
    7. The Digital Literacy class is articulated as a dual credit course with South Suburban College. Students who earn an A or B in the class are eligible for college credit if they fill out the necessary paperwork (there is no cost for this).
    8. Students who pass the test, and elect to exempt out of the Digital Literacy class, are not eligible  for the dual credit mentioned in point 7.
    9. Students may only take the test once.
    10. The test is administered twice a year. Once in the fall semester (December) and once in the spring semester (April-May).
    11. Registration for this test must be done via the link provided at the bottom of this page.
    If you have any questions regarding the test you may contact me (April Nykaza) via my email or by phone. I will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.
    Contact: April Nykaza, Career & Technology Education Supervisor
    Phone: 708-342-8260
    For your convenience the links below will provide you with a study guide for the test, as well as an online registration link. 
    Study Guide