Teen health is important for proper growth and development of your body and your mind.  A healthy lifetyle will allow your body to be free from a variety of health problems.  You will be able to perfrom in every aspect of your life to the best of your ability.  Aside from this, it makes you look good.  When you look good, you feel good about yourself.  It is imperative that you eat healthy foods, keep your body fit with regular exercise and stay away from unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and doing drugs.  It is also important to keep your mind healthy by nurturing the right kinds of thoughts and finding healthy ways to deal with stress.  Teens can maintain a healthy life if they follow a disciplined lifestyle. 
    Topics of Instruction
    ~Making Healthy Decisions
    ~Personality, Self-Esteem, Emotions
    ~Managing Stress
    ~Mental Disorders and Suicide
    ~Family Relationships
    ~Building Healthy Peer Relationships
    ~Preventing Violence
    ~Food and Nutritions
    ~Making Healthy Food Choices
    ~Digestions and Excretion
    ~Movement and Coordination
    ~Cardiovascular and Repiratory Health
    ~Preventing Drug Abuse
    ~Reproduction and Heredity
    ~Pregnancy, Birth, and Childhood
    ~Infectious Diseases
    ~Sexually Transmitted Infections and AIDS
    ~Chronic Diseases and Disabilities
    ~Preventing Injuries
    ~A Healthy Community and Environment