• Professional Development Plan – Summative Rating of Needs Improvement

    The PERA (2010) includes the language regarding the creation of a Professional Development Plan (PDP) for any tenured teacher in contractual service who is rated “needs improvement” as a result of the evaluation process.


    The Professional Development Plan:

    ·          is to be created within thirty (30) days after the completion of a summative evaluation resulting in the “needs improvement” rating

    ·          will be developed by the observer in consultation with the teacher and will take into account the tenured teacher’s ongoing professional responsibilities including his/her regular teaching assignments

    ·          is to be directed to the areas that need improvement and include supports that the district will provide to address the performance areas identified as needing improvement


    After the development of the PDP, the teacher and observer will collaborate to determine the target completion date.


    Tenured teachers must be evaluated at least once in the school year following the Professional Development Plan.  Teachers who are rated as “proficient” or “excellent” at that time will be reinstated to the tenured staff evaluation process for proficient and excellent.


    For any tenured teacher who is evaluated less than “proficient” at the completion of the PDP, the District will start a remediation plan under the provisions of the Illinois School Code 105 ILCS 5/24A-5 and the JFA Procedural Agreement.


    PDP Components

    ·         Areas of Improvement: Identification of the domain(s)/component(s) rated as needs improvement; use a separate form for each domain

    ·         Rationale for Area of Improvement: Evidence from observations that show an area needing improvement

    ·         Improvement Strategies: Strategies the teacher can use to show improvement in needed domain/component

    ·         Tasks to Complete: Specific tasks or activities the teacher will complete to improve the domain/component

    ·         Support and Resources: List of supports and resources the teacher can use to improve (e.g. workshops, observe colleagues, ask a specialist, books/media, etc.)

    ·         Indicators of Progress: How the teacher will show progress towards proficient/excellent in domain/component through informal observation, data, evidence, etc.