• Bremen High School District 228 Vision and Department Outcomes

    The Bremen District 228 Physical Education Vision is to develop a community of fit, skilled and knowledgeable students who demonstrate and value a healthy, active lifestyle. Our community embodies our students to promote and practice positive character traits, as well as pursue a lifetime of physical fitness.   

    Learning Performance Outcomes for Driver, Health, and Physical Education:
    1.  The learner will identify the characteristics of psychological, emotional, and physical wellness, and/or analyze preventative and treatment measures of illness.  
    2.  The learner will identify the stages of physical development and/or analyze changes in human body structure and functions throughout the life cycle.
    3.  The learner will identify, choose and evaluate the components of proper nutrition and exercise.
    4.  The learner will identify and apply basic safety and/or health enhancing practices in his/her environment.
    5.  The learner will analyze and apply the principles of physical movement to daily activities of work and leisure.
    6.  The learner will identify the components of and develop a personal wellness plan.
    7.  The learner will use a field of knowledge and/or technology in working cooperatively to solve problems and/or accomplish goals.  

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