• July 2017
    Dear Parents of Incoming Freshmen,
    I am excited to inform you that your incoming freshman student will be taking part in the 1:1 learning program this school year.  Bremen High School District 228 introduced Apple iPads as a learning tool for providing students with curriculum last school year.  We recognized that to better prepare our students for the future, we need to utilize the technology available and enhance classroom instruction to the fullest. 
    This 2017-18 school year, incoming freshmen are the third class to have a majority of their curriculum delivered to them via iPads. The iPads are a mandatory investment provided by the School District for an annual fee as stated below.
    The iPads are being provided as a lease-to-own option.  A fee of $75 per year will be paid to the District and, upon completions of the senior year, your student will then own his or her iPad.  This fee will include a case and insurance coverage.
    We look forward to the exciting start of the 2017-18 school year.
    Dr. Bill Kendall,