• Missing iPad Mini Notification Form

    If you have lost/misplaced* your iPad mini, follow the instructions provided during the initial device training session and make use of the Find-My-iPhone application.  If you are unable to locate your device, please complete the form below that will alert your school’s tech support team.   If the device is not located within 24 hours we will recommend that you file a police report for the device.

    *As a reminder, we are unable to guarantee identifying the device’s location or recovery of the device. We will try our best to assist you with the recovery of your rental device.

    Bremen High School - Missing iPad Mini Form

    When devices are turned in, they will be held in the IMC.  It is important to check in at your school's IMC as soon as time permits.  If you suspect that your iPad mini is missing, the Dean's Office will also be able to assist you with coordinating with the Police to file a stolen property report, which is required prior to filing an insurance claim with the school.