• Q. When will incoming freshmen receive their iPad?

    A. They will receive them during the first few weeks of the school year.

    Q. Will students receive digital citizenship training?

    A. Digital citizenship will be introduced in the Digital Literacy class and through library lessons.

    Q. How will students receive training on apps?

    A. During Digital Literacy, a unit will be provided that will allow students to become familiar with the functions of the iPad and it’s use in their classes.

    Q. What about families that do not have internet access at home?

    A. There are some new vendors, such as Comcast, offering prices as low as $9.95 per month for 10 Mbps download speeds.

    Q. What if a device is lost or stolen?

    A.  Use Find My iPhone in iCloud and report the loss to the Media Specialists in the IMC. There is a cost of $100 to obtain a replacement iPad.  If an iPad is stolen, the family will also need to file a police report.
    Q. What if a device is damaged?
    A. Students should bring their iPads to the IMC for repairs. There is a repair fee of up to $100 per incident but no more.

    Q. Will cases be provided for the iPads?

    A. Yes

    Q. Where can I pay my fees?

    A. In the main office.