• Success Concepts

    Welcome to the Freshman Learning Center.  Our team is here to assist you in your transition to high school and our goal is for you to excel as a learner.  We offer the following services:


    ·         Build up academic skills that need some work 

    ·         Review missing assignments

    ·         Assist with time management, balancing class workloads, and efficient  study skills

    ·         Strategies to deal with the expectations of high school and developing confidence and persistence as a learner

    ·         Peer tutoring as appropriate

    ·         Group work (common classes and assignments) as appropriate 

    ·         Counselors visit often to work with their counselees 

    ·         Follow up on attendance/discipline issues…refer to Student Services as appropriate

    Be an


    Engaged Learner!







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    Email Address: mmecozzi@bhsd228.com