• Physics Club

    What does physics club do? 

    +We gather to discuss current events in science. 

    +We build and repair various objects such as electric scooters, pedal powered electrical generators, bicycles, etc.  We try to fix things so we can understand how they work!

    +We attempt to make progress on a long running project electric four wheeler/ATV...

    +We watch special movies related to physics topics and theories...

    +We conduct fun demonstations and experiments 


    Who is allowed to join physics club?

    +Anyone can join physics club.  However, we mostly attract those who are inquisitive about nature and the Universe.  We also attract those who possess or desire to possess mechanical skills.  We like taking things apart!  (and putting them back together)


    When does physics club meet?

    On average, the club meets once every two weeks.  All meeting dates will be found on the school calender very soon.

    How do I join?

    Please see Mr. Wick in room 204.  He will sign you up!