Seekers Cultural Diversity Club

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    Spring Restaurant Trip to Dixie Kitchen Cajun Restaurant will be on May 22 after school. Permission Slips in Room 115.

    Seekers sweatshirts from previous years are available for $10.

    Seekers Club was created at Tinley Park H.S. in 2000, and it has served as an opportunity for our very culturally diverse student body to learn about each other's backgrounds, as well as world events that affect all of us.  It is my firm belief that through acknowledgment and respect for other cultures, we can better understand one another and thus create a more peaceful student body and world. 
    Some of the activities that we have created and participated in have included cultural presentations on the Laotian, Filipino, Nigerian, Polish, German, Belgian, Pakistani, Jordanian, Palestinian, Albanian, African-American, French, Mexican, Chinese, as well as many other countries from where many of our students come or parents have emigrated.
    In addition to experiencing culture within our school walls through after school presentations, Seekers has hosted ten International Festivals here at Tinley Park High School.  The Festivals have included food, dance and art from different cultures, including henna tattoos, as well as poetry (original and classic) read in different languages.  The event has attracted hundreds of people over the years, and we plan to host more of them in the future.  It is a rewarding experience for all attendees.  
    Seekers takes field trips to experience our very diverse communities.  We usually go to the Holiday Folk Fair International held in West Allis, Wisconsin, every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  (For more information on this entertaining festival, please visit www.folkfair.org).  In the spring, Seekers members visit an ethnic restaurant where we taste food from other cultures, as well as appreciate the cultural history and decor that come along with the experience.