Tinley Park High School Athletic Training
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    TP Athletic Training Mission Statement
    TP Athletic Training is committed to delivering the highest quality of healthcare to all of its student-athletes. Our objective is to address the healthcare needs of each individual student-athlete and to return them to play as quickly and safely as possible.
    The Profession of Athletic Training
    Athletic Training is an allied health care field specializing in the prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Certified Athletic Trainers must attend an undergraduate educational institution accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training and pass the Board of Certification Examination administered by the National Athletic Training Association Board of Certification. An Athletic Trainer in Illinois must be licensed by the Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulation to practice. The Athletic Trainer must also complete a minimum of 50 continuing education hours every 2 years and maintain CPR/AED certification to retain their certified status.
    The Athletic Trainer is the first responder to the vast majority of injuries that occur in athletics. They perform the emergency medical management and initial assessment of the injury. Following that, they help establish a plan of care that may include getting the injured athlete into an appropriate physician, treatment and rehabilitation of the injury to allow the athlete to return to play in a safer and more comfortable manner.
    Athletic Trainers are most commonly found working in the realm of professional, collegiate and high school athletics. The role of the athletic trainer has expanded in recent years. Athletic Trainers work with the military, in workplaces, in outpatient physical therapy centers and assist physicians in the care of their patients.
    TP contracts part of its athletic training services from Athletico Physical Therapy. Samantha Lucente has been contracted to TP from Athletico since 2017 and during that time, many TP student athletes have been successfully rehabilitated and returned to sport through this partnership.