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    English Teacher
    Phone number: 532-1900 Ex.3848
    Email: tschultz@bhsd228.com  (email is the preferred contact method and will expedite my response)
    8-8:55 - Speculative Literature
    9-9:55 -Speculative Literature (co-taught with Mrs. Walus)
    10-10:55 - Prep
    11-11:55 - Lunch
    12-12:55- Speculative Literature
    1-1:55 - Language Arts
    2-2:55 - Contemporary Literature

    Make up work

     For the general school population, two (2) school days for each day of excused absences will be allowed for the completion of make-up work.  It is the student’s responsibility to request and complete all test and assignments within the allotted time.  Make-up work for planned absences is due upon the student’s return to class.  Parents or guardians of any student who is absent due to hospitalization or extended illness should inform the attendance office and contact the student’s counselor.  A 48 hour notice is required to obtain make-up work.  Students who are absent unexcused from a final exam should make up the final exam. 

     For example, if you are absent on Monday, you should request your missed work upon your return on Tuesday, and return it to me at the beginning of class on Thursday.

     Any work received after the two (2) day allotment will receive late credit*, outlined below:

    1 day - 1 week late = 50% off 

    2 weeks late = 60% off (or 40% of the grade earned)

                    3 + weeks late = 70% off  (or 30% of the grade earned)

     *Percentages are taken off the points EARNED, not off the assignments’ total points. 

     Unexcused absences and attendance probation absences will receive late credit, beginning with the 50% credit.  

    Language Arts  
    Sophomore students are finishing up the memoir Night.  Also, quarter 1 novels should be completed over the next two weeks. Students should prepare to record their book trailer for the novel of their choice!    
    Speculative Literature 
    Students in Speculative Literature have begun reading I Am Legend.  Please adhere to the reading schedule.  Take notes on each chapter and be prepared with definitions for vocabulary words for each chapter.  
    Chapter 1 - Thrusday, October 26
    Chapters 2-4 - Tuesday, October 31
    Chapters 5-9 - Friday, November 3
    Chapters 10-12 - Tuesday, November 7
    Chapters 13-17 - Friday, November 10
    Chapters 18-21 - Tuesday, November 14
    Contemporary Literature
     Students will be  reading a contemporary novel of their choice for quarter 1.  A project and paper will be assigned at the end of the quarter for that novel. We will continue to cover short stories, poems and plays chronologically for the rest of the semester.