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    Intro to English (freshmen)
    Currently Reading: Non Fiction!
    Text of "Single Room, Earth View":
     TKM      <--------------------- click here if you don't have your book handy!
    RESOURCE FOR QUESTIONS:  http://www.universalteacher.org.uk/default.htm
    You may also consider listening to the audio on YouTube.  
    Chapter 1 and 2 NOTES for TKM:  
     Ch 1 and 2 PP  <-------------------------------------------------click here!
      Chapter 4 and 5 NOTES for TKM:
    Ch. 4 & 5 PP  <-------------------------------------------------click here!
     Chapter 6-8 NOTES for TKM:
    Ch. 6-8 PP   <-------------------------------------------------click here!
    FICTIONAL STORIES: Suspense and Irony 
    Text of "Cask of Amontillado":  
     American Literature (juniors)
     Currently Reading:  1920s and 1930s literature. 
     Crucible <------------------------------To read the text of the play