• Welcome to the Student Services Department
    The Student Services Department works with students, parents and teachers to address the academic, career, social and emotional needs of our students.  Below is a list of Student Services staff members and their general responsibilities:

    Assistant Principal for Student Services

    Jon Kahney

    ·     Supervises the Student Services Department

    ·     Facilitates all standardized testing


    Kimberly Velasquez (A-G)

    Michael Shehan (H-O)                            
    Jim Curtin (P-Z)

          ·     Monitors student attendance

    ·     Addresses disciplinary situations

    ·     Promotes an orderly, safe, and secure learning environment

    ·     Supports students, parents and staff with behavior management techniques

            School Counselors

    Nikita Odom (A-D)

    Lindsay Lopez (E-K)

    Takeesha Dade (S-Z) 
    Robin Vela (College and Career)

    ·    Provides guidance on academic, career, college and social/emotional issues

    ·    Creates and maintains student schedules

    ·    Communicates with parents on student progress

      Project Manager

     Caren Jackson 
    • Coordinates special projects for the Student Services Department
    • Arranges college/career tours and visits 


     Madonna Pufunt

    ·    Responds to student illnesses and injuries 

    ·    Administers student in-school medications

    ·    Reviews student immunization records

    Tyrone Wheeler
    Lynette Campbell

    ·    Coordinates programming for special education students

    ·    Screens and assesses possible candidates for special education

    ·    Obtains and maintains special education records

         Service Facilitator

    Angela Lee

    ·    Maintains student accommodation information

    ·    Holds transition conferences with senior students

     Social Workers

    Shanyta Russell 
    Shannon Mongan
    Cara Triezenberg 

    ·    Provides individual and group counseling to identified students

    ·    Consults with parents on available community resources

     Speech Pathologist

     Nedra Lee

    ·    Provides students with speech and language support

    ·    Provides teachers with speech and language strategies

     Attendance Secretary 

    Nancy Gordon

    ·    Maintains attendance records

    ·    Provides secretarial support for the deans

     Discipline Secretary

     Pamela Thomas

    ·    Maintains disciplinary records

    ·    Provides secretarial support for the deans 

     Student Services Secretary

    Dana Stevens

    ·    Provides secretarial support for the Assistant Principal for Student Services and staff

    ·    Addresses student, parent and staff questions related to PPS functions

    ·    Coordinates Student Services special events


    Anniece Bracey

    ·    Maintains student records

    ·    Fulfills transcript requests 

    Special Education Secretary

    Dee Hawker 

    ·    Establishes appointments for all special education meetings

    ·    Maintains student records related to special education