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  • 2014
    9/11 -VAR beats Argo 2-0. Both goals by Ricardo Avalos. JV defeats Argo 2-0. Goals by F. Bravo and J. Batrez 
    9/9 - VAR defeats Oak Lawn 5-0 and JV beats Oak Lawn 5-3. 
    9/8 - VAR defeats Mt. Carmel and JV plays to a 3-3 draw with Mt. Carmel.  
    9/6 - JV loses their Semi-final match with Argo 0-2, but rebound to win the 3rd place  match of the Windy City Classic over Fenwick by a score of 3-0. Goals by D. Reyes, E. Reyes, and L. Vaca. 
    9/5 - JV defeats Joliet West 6-2 in Quarter Final Match of Reavis Tournament. Goals By: J. Batrez (2), D. Reyes (1), F. Bravo (1), P.Zambrano (1), and J. Gomez (1). 
    9/4 - JV wins 1-0 on a forfeit to H-F in the opening round of the Reavis Tournament, who used illegal players. Actual game result was a 3-4 Loss. Goals By: J. Batrez (2) and D. Reyes (1)
    10/26:  Varsity wins an IHSA REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP with a 3-0 defeat of Providence H.S. Goals by A. Mendez (2) and R. Avalos 
    10/22:  Varsity wins their first game of State Playoffs against Evergreen Park 7-0.  Goals by D. Strom, A. Mendez, J. Guzman,
                C. Lagunas. 
    10/17:  JV wins their final game of the season over Tinley Park 5-0.  Goals by I. Bravo, F. Bravo (2), C. Alva, and R. Pruitt. 
    10/16:  Freshman beat Andrew in their opener of the Bremen Freshman Invite 3-1.  Goals by J. Villanueva and F. Bravo (2)
                Varsity wins their Senior Night game versus Tinley Park 4-0 to clinch the Conference Championship.  
                Goals by C. Lagunas (3) and A. Mendez. 
    10/15: JV beats Oak Lawn 6-2.  
    10/14:  JV loses to Shepard 3-1. 
                Varsity loses to Shepard in a shootout. 
    10/12:   JV ties Lincolnway West  2-2. Goals by J. Villanueva and J. Carbajal
                Varsity defeats Lincolnway West 3-0. Goals by D. Strom (2) and A. Mendez
    10/10:  JV defeats Richards 7-2. Goals by R. Pruitt, J. Carbajal, C. Alva, J. Villanueva,
                Varsity routs Richards 7-0. Goals by A. Mendez (2) 
    10/8:    Varsity beats T.F. United 3-1 to remain undefeated in Conference play.
                JV loses a close one to T.F. United 3-1. 
    9/24:    JV beats Reavis (2-0) with goals by Russal Pruitt and Fernando Bravo
               Varsity outlasts Reavis in Overtime with a (2-1) victory. Goals by Alexis Salas and Christian Lagunas.  
    9/21:   JV ties Andrew (1-1) with the goal by Jose Carbajal
              Varsity ties Andrew (2-2)
                Freshman win in a shootout over Licolnway North and lose in a shootout to Shepard
    9/20: Freshman lose in a shootout to Mt. Carmel 
    9/19:  JV over Evergreen Park (6-1) with goals by C. Alva, P. Zambrano, S. Grutzius, R. Pruitt, M. Reyes, and I. Bravo
             Varsity wins vs. Evergreen Park (4-0) with all goals by A. Mendez
    9/17:  Wins by JV (8-0) and Varsity (1-0) against Lemont.  Varsity goal by J. Guzman; JV goals by J. Elliot, F. Bravo (3), D. Santana, M. Mejia and M. Reyes (2)
    9/12: Varsity wins 4-1 over Oak Forest with goals by A. Mendez (2), J.Carrillo and A. Salas         
             JV gets back on track with an 8-1 defeat of Oak Forest with goals by J. Flores, J. Elliot, P. Zambrano (3), J. Villanueva (2), and M. Reyes
    9/10: Varsity defeats Argo 3-1. Goals by A. Mendez (2), and A. Salas; JV drops a tough one to Argo 1-2. Goal by J. Villanueva
    9/7: JV takes 2 Wins in the Reavis Tournament

    6-2 over Nazareth Academy.  Goals by F. Lopez, F. Bravo (2), D. Santana, J. Elliot, and S. Grutzius

    4-0 over De LaSalle.   Goals by R. Pruitt (2), D. Santana and J. Carbajal
    9/5: Varsity takes a loss against Bolingbrook 3-0
    9/5: JV loss against Eisenhower 2-3.  Goals by D. Santana (2) 
    9/4: JV loses to Homewood-Flossmoor 4-3 in a shootout (3-2).  Goals by R. Pruitt (2) and J. Carbajal.  PK goals by J. Villanueva and C. Alva 
    9/3: Varsity wins over Andrew 1-0.  Goal by A. Mendez 
    8/29: Varsity loses to Fenwick 1-2. Goal by A. Mendez
    8/27: Varsity wins over Marist 2-1.  Goals by A. Mendez and A. Salas