• Equipment

    The equipment listed (and shown) below is commonly found in the Industrial Technology Areas of Bremen HS District 228. Each school will have a shorter list of proprietary equipment that is specific to the programs that are run at that particular school. The equipment below, is equipment that is common to all four schools.

    Table Saw: Each of the four schools has been supplied with a Saw Stop professional cabinet saw. The advantage of having a Saw Stop saw is safety! Saw Stop blades have the ability to detect human skin. Once detected the blade is literally stopped in millionths of a second. This prevents serious injury. With a traditional table saw, a person may have lost a limb. With a Saw Stop saw, loss of limb is reduced to a nick. You can click on the following link to learn more about this piece of equipment. Saw Stop

    A Saw Stop Table saw.

    Surface Planer: Each of the four schools has been supplied with a Rockwell Industrial Surface Planer. Generally this piece of equipment is used in the Material Processing, Construction Trades and Production Technology classes. This piece of equipment is used to smooth the surfaces of wooden objects, and complements the finsihing process for classroom assignments. This is an older piece of equipment (but still an extremely reliable piece of machinery) and further information is not available at this time.

    Industrial Surface Planer

    Drill Press: The Shop Fox Model M1039 Drill Press is a new addition to our shop machinery. It is used in all of our classes from Mechanics and Technology up to Production Technology. Students become proficient in its use and safety requirements through both written and practical application exams. More information about the Shop Fox Drill Press can be found at this link.

    Shop Fox Model M1039 Drill Press
    Red Cam/ CNC Router:
    The CNC Router is a piece of machinery that allows students to integrate 21st century technology with solid wood working skills.  The router is fully programmable on three different axis' and allows students to integrate theoretical mathematical priciples with solid applications based instruction.  Students use this piece of equipment to enhance and augment their assigned woodworking, plastics and metals projects.  Additional information about this piece of equipment can be found at the following link: Red CAM
    Red Cam CNC Router
    Wood Lathe
    The Jet Model VFD007511A Wood Lathe is used in our general wood working classes from Material Processing to Construction Trades.  It is a piece of machinery that allows students to do intricate and fine work on their projects.  Because of the speeds at which this machine rotates, students must pass a stringent set of safety tests before being allowed to work with this machine. More information about this machine can be found at Jet.