Welcome to Ms. Beary's WebPage!
    Name: Michelle Beary
    Email Address: mbeary@bhsd228.com                                    
    Phone number:708-532-1900 ext. 3935

    Hello! My name is Ms. Beary
    I am a special education teacher
    at Tinley Park High School. 
        Ms. Beary 2016
    My daily schedule is:
    2nd period: Biology                                          Room 206
    3rd period: PLAN 
    4th Period: Foundations of Chemistry           Room 205
    5th period: Biology                                           Room 205
    6th Period: AIT                                                 Room 118
    7th Period: Lunch/Study Hall                         Room 102 (7b)
    8th period: Foundations of Biology                Room 118