• Introducing District 228's 1 to 1 Learning Program
    iPad Small

    Bremen High School District 228 in the third year of their 1:1 initiative with Apple iPads. The class of 2019 will be the first class to graduate after utilizing the iPad in their classes for four years. Every year, the freshman class will receive their iPads within the first few weeks of school. In the digital literacy class, students will also get training on the tools that will be utilized in their classes.

    The district is continuously providing coaching and professional development to the teachers in our schools in order to maximize the gains that we can make with this technology.
    The district has media specialists in each building coordinating support services for teachers and students.
    The main goals for our 1:1 implementation are:
    • Students will take more ownership of their education
    • Students will have access to resources that they may not have had before
    • The iPads are a tool to support education, not to be the education
    • Good teaching and learning can occur both WITH the iPads and WITHOUT the iPads
    • This technology can allow students and teachers to be more efficient, creative, and collaborative